So last year I was a "premier" or whatever they call it merchant at Commission Junction, which basically just meant we paid them an extra 3K a month in fees to call us occasionally and tell us they were working hard for us. Before I went to CJU they gave me a list of all of my affiliates who were attending and any affiliates I should look for (maybe that's what the 3K was for, not sure if it's worth 36K a year though). I quickly decided once CJU was over that I didn't need their monthly call and would rather give that 3K to affiliates. This year, (and after growing the program, and CJ's commissions 60%) and after going to 3 other conferences with published lists of attendees, I couldn't find the CJU list so I emailed them, this is what I received back.

"Unfortunately we will not be publishing a list of attendees before or after the event. The attendee list will be available for viewing at the registration tables at the event


Commission Junction, Inc."

I'm glad to see the facilitation of relationships. At least they are letting us "view" it at some point (I guess I'm bringing my digital camera and taking it back to my room), but it is still making setting up meetings and putting together a decent "look for" list pretty hard. Is this standard at CJU?