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    Source for Affordable Buttons for Craft Projects Needed
    My mother is an avid crafter and has been using Wal Mart as her supplier for large decorative buttons. They recently made the decision to stop carrying craft supplies such as buttons. Does anyone know a good online source of cheap buttons.

    Her project sell for about $5. So it's really important to keep costs down.

    (She actually sells quite a few at our local craft co-op!)

    Thanks for any ideas. Production may come to a rapid halt if they aren't found.

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    How about They have a ton of coupons every month (just check your favorite coupon site ), plus a Free Shipping Club that can be combined with coupons. (Basically, place 3 $35 orders and the rest of your orders over $10 ship for free.)

    If she wants to buy in bulk, it's tough to beat eBay.

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    Not sure if I should post a link so I'll pm a place I've ordered from.
    Otherwise local Michaels and Ragshop have them in the stores but not sure if they are on their website. Bulk bags of assorted buttons? I collect buttons so I often buy them by the bag - pound & half pound usually.
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