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    Cafepress CJ datafeed inclusion
    Is there some sort of trick to this? I have premium CP shops with unique items that nobody else on Cafepress offers any other variation of. I assumed that these would get included in CJ datafeeds but the do not. Is there something I need to check off in the CP interface? I'm clueless here.
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    My understanding (and I may be wrong) is that the CJ feed contains the top selling 600,000 products based on marketplace sales. So uniqueness in keywords or tags is not relevant to what they send CJ.

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    Hmmmm..... Don't know how CP picks what's included in the CJ feed, doesn't seem to just be the top sellers. Most everything of mine that's in the feed has sold at least once, but wouldn't consider them all to be top sellers. Last I checked the CJ feed had 66 of my products out of some 11,000 items that show up when making a Google base feed.

    The API feed direct from CP that many third party developers are using seems to include everything. I tend to use the third party tools before checking the CJ feed.


    BTW - as long as you don't have the box checked opting out of the marketplace, your products should be available for affiliates. Don't know why they aren't in the CJ feed.

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