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    For Those Who Had A Change Of Terms From Amazon
    How much were you making per month? I fully understand affiliates not wanting to post their numbers so I made a poll were you can do it anonymously if you wanted to do it that way or you can post it in the thread. I have a deal type site myself and haven't gotten it yet but when I first heard about it, I dropped a lot of my promotion for them. I'm trying to figure out if there is some line, that will trigger getting that notice from them. Thanks.

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    Basically upper 4 figures per month from Amazon (and 5 figure territory in Q4). We do deals and coupons.

    Thankfully I was able to make it up promoting other merchants, but still, getting that notice two weeks into Q4 was a slap in the face.

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    I've got a price comparison web site that hits the top tier at Amazon each month and this scares me to death. It could ruin Christmas... I check my e-mail every day, expecting to see the notice.

    A couple of things... I don't post coupons and don't show "too low to display" product prices. 80% of my sales are in the Amazon marketplace and I don't sell a lot of electronics.

    I'm hoping the above conditions will prevent me from getting the notice?

    I sure wish I knew what the trigger was...
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    I think price comparisons are safe.... for now.

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