Hi All,

I am new to PHP/MySQL and I am trying to create a couple pages, one that will allow me to select a range that I want. This will then lead to a new page which will display only that data that has been requested from the first page.

For example my database holds 555 records in the tbl_locomotives table, these can be divided into 13 groups (All of these have been identified in the 'locoClass' column of the database). I want to be able to select the different values of 'lococlass', eg. 37, 90, 1000, DE3. from a drop down list. On submit, this will then load a new page which will only display the 'LocoID' values that correspond to the 'locoClass'.

On this new page I want the Values of 'locoID' to be displayed down the page for a set value, then a new column is started at the top of the page and down to the same point as column 1, and so on until all records are displayed.

I also want the values displayed to be clickable links to another page which will show the relevant information concerning the 'locoID'?

Sorry for the questions, I have read a few books and I am struggling to get my head around it, but practice makes perfect, so they say. If anyone can point me in the right direction, your help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks