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    Ok, I might be starting an agrument here , but I'd like to hear opinions on whether to use serif, sans-serif, or a combo of fonts.

    For those of you without print/graphic backgrounds, a serif font has edges (e.g. Times New Roman). This story on MSN is published in a serif font:

    A sans-serif font has no edges (the little edge at the end of a letter is called a "serif"). Arial is a sans-serif font. Yahoo uses sans-serif fonts:

    Thoughts and comments, and even font suggestions, on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Though their original intent was to visually define characters in-print, serifs cause the opposite effect with smaller type sizes on low-resolution monitors.

    Avoid serif faces on small type. For medium and larger sizes, just use whatever face suits your taste and style.

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    I agree with 20lb_cojones_deelz. As a graphic designer, I prefer sans-serif fonts because they're often cleaner and simpler. But when I am trying to find a font that expresses a particular feeling or graphic concept, serif fonts often fit the bill because there's so much diversity. But I don't think that there are many other reasons why one is better than the other, except for what 20lb_cojones_deelz said. It's a matter of taste.

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    I like to use sans-serif for the body of a page. It's easy to read at almost any size, which can come in handy. Plus, commissions seem to be better when a page is easy to read. I used to always use Default (serif), but after testing awhile back I found out that sans-serif sells better so now sans it is.

    Personally I like the looks of serif, but the Commission Check/Deposit likes sans-serif so that's what goes up. Beauty is in the eye of the commissions!

    For the headline (size H1), I usually end up using sans-serif to match the rest of the page but if I want a more "newsy" or "official" look, I go for serif. Either way is easy to read at H1 size.

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    Sans Serif. Verdana is my favorite.

    CreepyGuy likes fixed-width though (you didn't give that as an option!)

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    I personally dislike sans-serif fonts on the Internet. They may look fine in print media, but for the Internet I would go with whatever reads best and fast! Serif is the way!

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