I am a beginner in php. So it is difficult for persons like me to write my own scripts. So I am looking for Free/Paid Scripts which will allow me to create full featured site of my partner marchant/affiliate manager. Example, say The Amazon Store is a script which creates a different shop with all/most amazon products. So my site users will browse my site as a FULL FEATURED shopping site.

Another example is PriceTapestry. This script lets me create a Comparision Shopping Site like PriceGrabber.com.

Now I like to know what are the available scripts(shopping, travel etc) like above which will let me create a full featured site?

Here at hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Affiliate_Programs/index.html
you can found several free/paid scripts. I visited some, but need your recommendations and tell me if you know some better.