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    Darby Creek offers home decor accessories -12% Commissions + Bonuses
    Hello, my name is Ray Huffman with Darby Creek Trading Co. We are a Home Decor Accessories company currently listed with Share-A-Sales and have generated some nice sales during our limited time.

    We just posted over 70 new professionally designed new banner ads in the most popular 9 sizes and 7 different categories of our products.

    We pay a flat commission of 10% on all sales and the cookies are good for 180 days.

    Please visit our web site to see the wide variety of product offerings including wreaths, bronze figurines, art, prayer & inspirational, wood carvings and other home decor accessories at

    Our top selling affiliates are generating the following results:

    Affiliate 1 - Conversion Rate: 8.5% Average Sale: $134.00
    Affiliate 2 - Conversion Rate: 17.0% Average Sale: $135.00
    Affiliate 3 - Conversion Rate: 4.5% Average Sale: $122.66

    [ShareASale edited out name of affiliates....]

    Overall - Conversion Rate: 9.8% Average Sale: $126.09

    Bonus Incentive: Affiliates generating over $1,000 per month in sales receive an additional $50 bonus increasing their commission total to 15%.

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    "Darby Creek offers home decor accessories -12% Commissions + Bonuses"

    "We pay a flat commission of 10% on all sales"

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    This was accidently submitted so this is an unrevised draft...the commission is 10% and you can see that if you take a look at us in Share-A-Sale.

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