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    Can this be done?
    I got a new desktop, and it came with Vista. I hate it, hate it hate it.. lol
    Is there an easy way to install XP back on there without major problems?
    Or am I doomed?

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    Where did you buy it?

    You might be able to return it and swap it for a new 24" iMac. Those puppies rock.

    A lot tider than a desktop too. Just plug in the power, internet, keyboard and mouse and you're away laughing.

    And no problems with Vista, or XP.

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    Why would you want to remove Vista? It TOTALLY rocks! The best OS ever invented since the history of computers! It blows away anything Mac, and may actually get Bill Gates the congressional medal of honor.


    If you have a full version of XP (not an upgrade or anything such) you can do a clean install on your machine and put it back to XP. If you are unsure how to do that you can usually find someone that can do that or pay.

    I know many people that have "downgraded" back to XP because of too many issues with Vista, though mostly corporate folks and technical fields.

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