Hey all, I joined the forum about 1 month ago and asked several "newbie-ish" questions, and while I can't say I'm off to a resounding start...I'm off to a start. What I've learned so far...

1) Be passionate about what you are selling. Whether it's a blog, adwords, affiliate promotion via opt-in squeeze pages,etc, if you are not passionate about it, it will show through in your marketing & follow -through

2) Be persistent. Success does not come overnight, but if you are passionate and consistent about your websites, the RSS feeds and email signups will come.

3) Be generous. I recently began to dabble in screenplay writing. I asked a friend...what if I use up this good character in a screenplay that ends up being a total flop? His response..."There's more where that came from!" Don't be afraid to really put your heart into your blog posts...there's more where that came from. If you are pasisonate, the ideas and blog posts will come, and the RSS and email subscribers will follow!

4) Be innovative. Don't follow the pack, do something (slightly) different, stand out from the crowd (in a good way, mostly). Many of us can do this with unique blog designs that stand out from the common Word Press templates. Me...I'm still workign on this. But since my blog is all about discoveries, I plan to share with my readers as I learn...and I've already noticed a following.

Thanks again, ABestWeb Members!