I purchased an ebook with brandable links that I can distrubute and in turn receive commisions/credits when people sign up for those servcies. A lot of the services I didn't really "GET" as it seemed they were nothing but services for people looking to sign up for a service. Make any sense?

Some examples are:
List Builder dot com
Your Luckly List dot com

On one of their forums someone noted that promotions sent to the list members where likley to only be successful if they were business building opportunities.

In otherwords, everyone joining these lists is doing so to build their own list, and therefore, any emails/messages sent out to list members will fall on deaf ears unless they are for products that promote promotion.

I guess you could call these "meta-lists".

Does anyone have any experience with these, or can you provide additional explanation/information for whether I should continue to pursue these as legitimate ways to build an opt-in list?