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    Travel Ticket Booking site script
    I want to start a ticket booking (airlines, hotels etc.) like Orbitz(!) for my niche community. But I am not Orbitz. Just want to be affiliate of sites like them. User will be able to book their tickets from my site. Or at least they will be able to compare ticket prices in my site. And clicking on a particular deal will take them to merchant.

    Is there any script supplied by merchants/network/3rd party?

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    Try going to CJ. Several travel sites have "advanced links" that allow you to place their branded search box onto your site.

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    search for white label travel program.

    I know Expedia has it, powered by IAN

    Checkout too..

    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by WyndhamVacationR-EricEwe
    search for white label travel program.
    Learned something new and HELPFUL. Thank you.

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