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    Questioin about Performics publisher Location policy
    Hi all,
    Does any body know the coutry list which performics will approve the applicatoin ?

    Do they accept website from out site of US ? if yes , are there any special policy for that ?

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    DoubleClick Performics has no restriction on international affiliates joining the network. Additionally, there is a field labeled "Other" if you can not find your country listed.

    Thank you!

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    Thank you very much!

    My another question is :

    will Performics track the order based on the last click ?

    For example, site 1 and site 2 both join the same affiliate program,

    the client click site 1`s affiiate banner then visit the merchant site but he or she does not make an order.

    Then he or she visit site 2 and click the affiliate banner enter the same merchant site again, but this time he or she make an order!

    Will site 1 be paid ?

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