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    Selling physical products as opposed to virtuals
    I have a site that sells musical instruments. I've gotten lots of clicks, approaching 1000, and no sales. When the merchant was on Befree it was better. I'm actually affiliated with two merchants, the other on SAS.

    What I'm wondering is:

    1. Do these merchants try to get clients on the phone to save commissions?
    2. Are these products simply not conducive to online selling, and should I not invest more time in them?

    Anyone have success lately selling musical instruments? And anyone know if the sales are going offline after the clickthrough?

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    No clue about phones sales stealing commissions but I think higher priced merchandise and technical stuff (such as musical instruments) is a harder sell online than say books or printer ink.

    A lot of merchandise is "hands on" which makes it a harder sale online. Unless the online offer is so good as to entice the buyer to shop off line first then buy online, I think you have picked one of the tougher niches.

    I could be wrong. There are plenty of musical instrument merchants online so they must be selling something.

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    Of all of the products in the world, 99.99% of which are sold by somebody on the net, I would think that musical instruments are among the hardest to sell online. (1. nuclear reactors 2. violins 3. Pauly Shore DVDs)

    A musician wants to not only play, but feel, touch, caress, and commune with any instrument that they would even consider purchasing.

    My guess is that most instruments sold online are assembly-line low quality instruments sold to the parents of second graders who are just starting lessons. Target that market and you may carve out a successful niche.

    Lots of click and few sales tells me people are looking at and comparing products and prices, but buying off line where they can see the instrument they are getting. Clicks on more expensive instruments may come from struggling musicians looking at what they cannot yet afford.

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    Quite possibly this is indeed the case. Although I did much better with this same merchant on Befree, so I am a bit suspicious here. Did get some nice checks in the past, with sales every month. But only two since the move to CJ, while clicks are about the same.

    I put up the site because they all say to write about what you know.

    I think that's only a part of the story. I asked myself exactly this question - is this the sort of thing a person buys online? My answer is "occasionally," which is not a ion for business success.

    So I may invest less time updating that site unless it picks up steam. Does that sound right? Anyone with similar experiences?

    Thoughts appreciated.

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