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    Before I do a massive organizational overhaul of my site, I wanted some opinions on whether my idea makes sense or if I've gone completely loco....

    My site is -

    Right now the site is organized into four basic sections:
    1)Fitness Advice
    2)Fitness Links
    3)Fitness Industry
    4)Fitness Shopping

    Outside of some deep cross-linking, the sections are pretty much seperated from a user perspective. As an alternative, and a way to boost revenues, I'm considering eliminating all four sections and instead grouping each page by activity. This would result in the following sections:
    Aerobics & Gyms
    Diet & Nutrition
    Weight Lifting
    Fitness Industry
    Women's Fitness
    (Other sections, but you get the basic idea)

    Each section would contain links for that particular activity, advice/editorial content, and shopping (books, clothes, equip) etc. Essentially when somebody went to the running section - everything about running would be in that one section.

    My questions are is this a good idea and if so, from a google perspective, should I completely reorganize everything into physical directories (e.g. running dir, weight loss dir, etc)?

    Thanks in advance. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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    January 17th, 2005
    I think it makes perfect sense; at least in my opinion.

    I'm not much into fitness type things, but if I was looking for this type of information and products I would be much clearer on where to go on your site with your new category idea.

    For example, my one interest is cycling. With your current 4-category layout, I would probably pass by your site if I came upon it and didn’t see the category “Cycling”.

    You broaden your potential visitor base with the more detailed category arrangement. And of course with more categories, comes more pages for the search engines.

    I’m not sure of your question on directories, but I wouldn’t get rid of your current pages especially if they are already indexed.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I just created the first new section based on grouping similar pages together. I did not remove any existing pages, but rather changed the way the user accesses them.

    Please take a look at the new page and let me know if grouping pages in this manner makes sense. Thanks. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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    on another issue...

    I tried your link six times and your site loaded in not less than 34 seconds (and I use a cable running at 200 to 300 kbs). It seems like the title graphic is VERY heavy.

    Just a thought...


    "There comes a time in the affairs of a man when he has to take the bull by the tail and face the situation."
    - W C Fields (Tille and Gus)

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    The server seemed to have slowed to a crawl earlier today. As soon as I got an email from my host saying that they didnt see a problem and asking me to run a trace, it picked back up. Figures....

    If you don't mind, give it another shot and let me know if you still notice the problem. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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