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    MyCoupons posting coupons in other message boards??
    So why would they be doing this? They've been systematically posting coupons under multiple accounts to my message boards, all of their coupons start with MC.

    The IP address of the posters resolve to

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    Not sure if the merchant is credit a sale based on the coupon code?

    If it does, then it makes sense.

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    For grins, I emailed a couple of the merchants that are getting spammed for, we'll see what I find out. I find it telling that all the posters are coming from one of two IP addresses, one is at ev1servers, the other is at, so it almost sounds automated.

    A quick Google search indicates that these usernames are posting these codes on other sites as well.

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    we were getting tons of them too, and dumped all their posts. I emailed some merchants too and haven't heard anything back. please let us know if you do.

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