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    January 18th, 2005
    I've been lurking here a lot, but never posted anything. I wanted to share something interesting with you today (besides, it's not everyday that similar things happen).

    Today, February 4, 2003 is officially the last day of the country called Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija: the land of the southern Slavs). The name was first used in 1929, when the country known as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, was replaced with the name Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

    Today, as I am writing this, we are counting the lasts minutes of the name Yugoslavia, and as a newspaper article put it, Yugoslavia is history.

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    Hi and Welcome Yugo

    I followed the wars in Yugoslavia back in the 90's and all I can say is let freedom ring! I think it's fantastic that what was "Yugoslavia" is now gone, it's just a shame that so many had to die in the process.

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    Had the various ethnic groups making up the former country rallied behind a common governing organization they'd still be on the map. Some folks just refuse to get along and want it all. In the USA we blend in (never quietly) and no one group can control the collective mindset of the country.

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    Thanks for sharing Yugo! I had no idea.

    It got me to thinking how much the world has changed.

    Sad in a way, a once great country gone - broken into so many parts.

    I will still remember it though as Yugoslavia, it is what I grew up with. I wish it's people well and hope for peace.


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    It's beautiful country. My parents actually sponsor a Yugoslavian family in Orlando, helping them get jobs, housing etc. I think they said they went from Yugoslavia to Germany and after so many years in Germany they have to leave the country. I remember them talking about the switch to Serbia-Montenegro .

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    Sad indeed. A once proud and beautiful country, torn into pieces. The country that gave the world Tito, Cold War non-alignment, the Yugo car and a lesson in how a European multi-ethnic country could live as one and how it could be smashed, is no more.

    Funny thing is that recent polls in all parts of former Yugoslavia show that people miss their old country, and would probably have acted differently if history could repeat itself (feeling known as Yugo-nostalgia)

    The irony is that they will all live together, once again, in a United Europe.

    Among the expressions of regret for the passing of the old Yugoslavia, one by well-known writer and former Yugoslav president Dobrica Cosic stands out.
    "I have no strength left to express my grief for Yugoslavia", Mr Cosic writes in a newspaper commentary, saying that he grieves for the passing of the Yugoslav idea.

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    January 18th, 2005
    My father was Yugoslav, he would be sad indeed

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    January 18th, 2005

    You forgot to mention good old Makedonija! The only nation to part from Yugoslavia without conflict... but no worries, the USA has already given path for the KLA/NLA to cause future grief in my land as well.

    And yes, Jugoslavija, a nation that was once so dominant, powerful, and beautiful. It's sad, but it won't be long before I see Macedonia asking for Serbia's helping hand in the conflict to come... I'm not sure if I would say Yugoslavia will dissapear forever.

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    We'll see another country being torn apart very soon..

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    Hi Yugo

    I've been to what was Yugoslavia several times, beautiful landscape, I actually stayed in Kroatia and pased through the whole country right at the start of the Balkan war.

    What was really strange was that we crossed into Slovenia from Austria on the train, the Ticket and passport guy in Austria was probably the most impolite person i've ever met, it's 1 a.m. he slams open the door of the sleeper without even knocking and shouts as loud as he can, a few hours later we cross the Kroatia / Bosnia border... a gentle knocking on the door, 5 Bosnian guys in full combat gear SMGs the lot, polite as can be, very apologetic for waking us up...I think we were they last tourists passing through for some time....

    Trying to remember the last place I stayed in Croatia Pulo I think it was called, on the coast, real nice, also hit Belgrade, Zagreb and a few other places on other occasions



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    There's a CNN article about it.

    Tito.. now, there was a talented leader. Probably one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, in fact. Yugoslavia essentially liberated itself from the Nazis in the Second World War without having to wait for the allies, which was an incredible feat.

    If you've studied European history and understand how Yugoslavia was a hugely complex mix of ethnic groups and religions then you can understand what an acheivement post-war Yugoslavia was. In many ways, all of the conflicts in European history have been played out there, the rise and fall of empires, the spread of Islam, the cradle of the First World War, the cold war, nationalism and revolution.

    I guess people in the US and UK don't know what war is really like when it comes knocking on your door. Even the worst of the blitz or Pearl Harbour is nothing compared to the horrors of soldiers fighting it out street by street - and yet in Yugoslavia and the Balkans as a whole that's been commonplace for centuries.

    So.. here's to a better future for the former members of Yugoslavia. There's great hope with the potential for EU membership and a Europe that sees boundaries as something to be reached across rather than something to be fought over.

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