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    Did You Have to Call to Complete Your Online Order?
    In the past three days, I have attempted to purchase from, and is offering free shipping through 9/10 for purchases of $60 or more. The summary page for my $82 order showed $9 shipping. So I had to call their toll free number and provide all of the information from scratch.

    I submitted a gift card purchase at I got an error message telling me to call their toll free number. Again, I had to provide all of the information from scratch, including the personalized message.

    The third purchase was from Overstock and it went through perfectly. Fortunately, the only one of the three with an affiliate program worked. But this really makes me wonder what the overall success rate of web purchases is.

    We complain about merchants displaying toll free numbers on their websites but we don't think about the failure rate of online purchases and the loss of sales to toll free numbers due to faulty order submissions on the merchant's part. So there's yet another leak.

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    I shop online all the time, have never called yet. Guess lucky so far.

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    I wonder of one reason neither nor has an affiliate program is because of their poor ordering system; that they realize few affiliates would accept such a situation and an affiliate program would be grossly unsuccessful.

    I order a lot online as well, and have had a few problems here and there ordering, but most of the time my orders have gone through online without problem. Deliverly is another question. I've had to make follow up calls with many merchants due to delivery failures, and with some merchants I've bought from, while the ordering process is fine, I can see customers canceling later on when their purchase doesn't arrive timely.

    This has often been related to the fact that some merchants will complete a sale for a product that is out-of-stock or no longer available. How merchants can "sell" a product, and post an affiliate transaction soon to be reversed, when they should well know they can't fill the order can only be because of 1) incompetence or 2) bait-and switch, cheating the affiliate out of the commission for the "second sale" of a replacement product.

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    I never had to call in an order.

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    the only time i had to call was after an order of a big screen tv to schedule the shippping stuff.

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