Hello Everyone,

Tystoybox.com's widgets are now updated and live in the Shareasale interface. We have launched a new site and created a new datafeed in the past week, so thank you for your patience. We are confident that these changes will increase conversion, and in turn increase sales. Please note that the widgets have updated links but still do not show images. The reason for this is we no longer have thumbnails because our system generates a new thumbnail every time it needs to present one from the large image in the datafeed by giving it size parameters. We are currently trying to find a solution for this and I will post in this thread as soon as we do. Below is a list of widgets we currently offer:

1. Halloween Costumes

2. Tystoybox Featured Brands - Wiggles, Doodlebops, Barney, Caillou, The Backyardigans

3. Strawberry Shortcake Top Selling Products

4. The Doodlebops Top Selling Products

5. The Cookie Jar

6. Party Supplies

7. Tystoybox.com Best Sellers(updated monthly)


Jon Nunez