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    Arrested For WHAT..?
    I really and truely cannot believe that this is REAL...
    And that the POLICE in the United States Of America CAN arrest anyone for something like this.... absolutely ridiculous -- the officer should lose his job.. and the entire police force investigated...

    Did this REALLY HAPPEN in AMERICA...????

    Arrested for OVER SALTING A BURGER.....
    Released on $1000.00 Bail.........

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    That is pretty stupid. Is this the "community policing" which was instituted during the 90's?
    I hate to say it but we have had some issues with this locally. While certainly not over salty Mcburgers they were equally ridiculas. I have the utmost respect for all police officers but when they are not regulated and held resposible for their actions, this kind of thing is bound to happen.
    David Carter

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    I think anyone who EATS food at McDonalds should be arrested. LOL. ICK!

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    I think there have been enough cases where police officer's food has been tampered with on purpose for it to at least warrant a look to see if something seems wrong.

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    You think McD's is bad you haven't tasted the slop she's eating now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chetf
    I think there have been enough cases where police officer's food has been tampered with on purpose for it to at least warrant a look to see if something seems wrong.
    Yeah, that can be true.. someone might try to tamper with an officer's food, but the girl arrested made a good point, if there seemed to be something wrong with it, why keep eating it and get sick?

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    When I read a story like this, I always wonder about the "real story."

    Like many legal cases, this one is likely to have "more information" that might color our opinions. A police officer might reasonably be suspicious of an incident like this, especially if the officer thinks that the employee 'smirked' or otherwise seemed to act strangely while handing over the officer's order. Was this employee someone who'd made nasty comments or "threats" against police officers? Did employees working that night have an arrest history, perhaps enough for a grudge?

    Just because we hear one version of a story, we shouldn't assume it is the "whole story," especially one side is prohibited from telling the whole story for some reason (for example, police generally don't comment on pending criminal cases, especially if there is a potential for civil lawsuits).

    And often, these stories are disseminated or publicized by someone with an "agenda" or "message" or "goal."

    Every time the insurance industry and medical associations decide to pursue "tort reform," we start hearing stories about absurd and abusive lawsuits, and when these stories are researched, it often turns out that the report was extremely biased and the facts were grossly misstated (for example, this and this and especially this).

    Of course, just as proponents of tort reform (or other agenda) distort the facts, so do some opponents; some accounts claim that the famous "school burglar who fell through a skylight and sued" really was a burglar trying to steal a skylight, while others claim he was a graffiti vandal, others say he was merely adjusting a light to illuminate a basketball court, and others say a teacher or coach had instructed students to retrieve equipment from the roof.

    We like anecdotes, especially if they make someone sound completely absurd or irrational, but often the anecdotes are fabricated or obscenely distorted. Sometimes, the "real facts" really do support an argument, but commentators feel compelled to embellish, often to make the facts sound more absurd (or more reasonable) but sometimes just to make the story sound more interesting.

    Of course, it's entirely possible that this case is exactly what it "appears" to be: a gross over-reaction by a possibly paranoid police officer. (Of course, there may be "real facts" that would shift our opinion further, such as a prior complaints against the officer, or a grudge or "history" between the officer and the defendant.)

    But when I read a story like this, I always wonder about the "real story."
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