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    Noob ? About AdWords
    Hi everyone, I have searched for and cannot find an answer (at least what I was hoping for) in these forums and Google Adwords help/forum. Since I'm new to LinkShare, I was curious about this: When placing a URL in AdWords, I didn't want to include the <IMG src blah, blah> for obvious reasons. I simply used the URL up through my code minus the <a href=". I've checked the ads and they go where I want them, however here are the questions...

    1. Is this okay to do since the code for link says "place as appears"?
    2. Google AdWords shows clicks but LinkShare doesn't - is that due to some tracking code in the <IMG src>?
    3. WHEN I make a sale, will it show up even if the clicks don't?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Eh, don't worry about it. Looks like there must be some kind of wait before they send stats. Just checked and all 3 programs show the clickthroughs...just not "impressions".

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    Just to warn you, and it may take a while, but be prepared for the "no direct to merchant ppc" letter from Linkshare.

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