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    Trying to get serious with CJ Need Some Advice
    Hey guys(and girls), Ive been using commision junction for about a year now, i joined affiliate program for companies which my freinds and fam buy from, and let them use my links to purchase.. So basically i would pull in 50 - 60 dollars here and there. but nothing serious or note worthy. I was working full time and had no time to research and work on getting more commision.

    As of now Im currently laid off from my job and have all the time i need to Focus on affiliate marketing. I just have a few q's if you s wont mind answering.

    What are the best programs on cj in terms of ease to get the lead or sale?

    How should i get people to use my links? Free content website or buy hits?

    And if you dont mind giving me a general idea of a good way to get started, i am moderately web saavy and can make my own web pages.

    I would be extrememly grateful to anyone who can help me.

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    Start reading here at ABestWeb. The search button is your friend. You will find that the answers are "it depends".

    Welcome to affiliate marketing
    Deborah Carney

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    I wouldn't try to make affiliate marketing your real job replacement. Get back in the saddle and find a real day job, and keep doing affiliate stuff on the side until it gets large enough to start considering making the jump. That could be another year for you or longer.

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    The answer to all your questions are Yes. Programs at CJ are as good as you. Content works as well as PPC. As for getting started, just start. Read all you can hear but you will not find any of the successful folks here giving you their keys to success other than work hard, try, tweak, tweak, tweak and then tweak. Once you hit on something that works you have a model for other sites.
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