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    Choosing a Domain Name
    I'm new to the site and affiliate marketing in general. I know this will be a long learning process, but there's one issue I want to get squared away right off the bat.

    It's probably been asked before (do post links), but how do you go about choosing your domain name? How do you choose the name of each web page link?

    I don't want to create and market a site and then realize I have to redirect all the traffic to a new web page because I made a poor initial choice.

    Any helpful advice would be appreciated. Be gentle. It's my first time.

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    if your site is about a particular subject (niche), try to get a domain name that matches closely. same for individual page links, page names, etc.

    give search engines something to chew on.

    and, welcome to ABW!

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    Although the database is out of date, go to , and search on the specific niche you have in mind. This will show the general popularity of search phrases for the topic. I use those phrases to come up with domain names and page names. Wordtracker is a relevant tool, as well.

    If your niche is media related, the .TV extension is gaining a lot of favor, though you will lose out on type ins that a .com might get.

    If you have some bucks, check out and , you might find a domain name there that fits your needs, and a one time cost might pay off, if you can get the right domain for your niche.
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    If you are creative enough, you can come up with domains of your own without purchasing them at etc, but I definitely like elbowcreek's advice.


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    This is all good advice.

    Here is an article that covers the topic in detail: Selecting a Domain Name
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    I guess there were a couple of things I left off that I meant to say, as well.

    First, how you want to be found is not nearly as important as how customers want to find you. It is important to understand the searches they are going to use to find the products.

    Second, professionalism adds legitimacy. Your domain name must at least look like there could be a professional organization behind it. does not inspire confidence, while might get you a once-over. A domain hosting company recently changed their name to answerable dot com . It has nothing to do with their business, and I think it was a poor choice to move to that domain. Just because you can acquire a dictionary word dot com, it doesn't mean you should build your hopes around it, unless you can make a market connection.
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    Once you have chosen a topic or product line for your site it is ESSENTIAL that you locate a domain name that is relevant to that choice. Godaddy offers suggested site names. You can start with the most basic name which probably is taken and see what suggestions pop up. That gets you thinking.

    Good luck.
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    I was playing around with the overture tool and found no results for any of my searches. There are a few other keyword research tools out there that work well (do a google to find them). I havent used the overture stuff since Yahoo decided to change their ad program.

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