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    Hello, I hope that this is okay to post in this room? I wasn't sure where to pose my question.

    I am creating a "mall" of sorts, affiliating to numerous products in numerous companies.

    What I need to know is if I should create each link as opening in a new window, or is it better just to let the visitor use their "back button" to return to my site if they wish? I had always learnt in HTML that links within your own site do not open in a new window, but if you are linking to an external site, then yes, open in a new window. Does that apply to affiliate linking also?


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    This topic has come up before in other threads (might be a good idea to do a search).

    My feeling is that it is important to minimize the shock and anxiety of leaving my site and entering the merchants site by surrendering the window to the merchants site. Really what I want to do is get my affiliate cookie written and keep the traffic shopping on the merchants site. Newer browser versions give the shopper much more control over how pop-up windows are handled so this whole topic may soon be out of our hands. Split testing could help you figure which way to go...

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