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    It appears that some major retailers are moving to collect sales tax on internet sale. This is going to fuel the push to tax all sales.

    Article in Saturdays San Fernando Valley, Daily News,1...?search=filter

    What are online stores going to do to entice people to keep shopping online?

    Free Shipping?

    Lower profit margins (thus the lowering of affiliate commissions)?

    Will the online sales be as profitable for the stores as well as us affiliates?

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    The advantages that the internet offers is an ability to specialize in a niche but sell to the world. Taxing or not taxing, I would think, will be a nominal issue when individuals are looking for items that cannot be found locally, easily.

    And heck, there's always going to be rainy days or snowy days, so push convenience!!

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    This has been brewing for quite sometime now. If the government precedes with this it will be a nightmare. It could possible dissaude some from shopping online, those die hard bargain hunters. Others will still shop online for the convienence.

    The issue is going to be for merchants. It will be an absolute adminstrative nightmare to collect and disburse the correct amount to 37 states. They are already talking about approved vendors to administer it that will not be cheap. If this becoming mandatory for all online merchants it could put some folks out of business. I know it would probably do so for me.

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