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    How to define if its worth it or not?
    Would love to hear from those who are or have been affiliate managers

    How do you evaluate a company who wants you to be their affiliate manager?

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    #1 factor is they have to have "product passion". They strive to stock and push only products that, when purchased, brings about customer satisfaction so their time isn't spent on energy draining customer complaints. I also grade them on wether they're willing to take steps to do more with less.

    Let me explain. The client won't be a client, or in business 2 years from now, if they can't turn a profit from their existing customer base and business plan. Adding to their losses by driving MORE gross sales, via expensive advertising schemes, just postpones or contributes to the inevitable business failure. So initial contact determines product passion and if their existing business can generate MORE profit with LESS effort by capturing what they unknowingly leave on the table with missed incremental sales to an existing customer base. Likewise can the merchant make more profitable sales with less traffic by eliminating junk traffic sources and focusing the traffic on higher conversion landing pages.

    First leading question for their online efforts is... What is your sites natural conversion ratio?? The number of visitors to generate one sale from all traffic sources. This is the base figure upon which all AM activities and opportunities should be judged. Does it improve the client site's overall conversion ratio to a point where they can justify and sustain a 1099 affiliate sales force and the client relationship?

    The smaller merchant AM has to wear many hats and have some power to improve or solidify the merchant's conversion ratio. If they're dishonest they just inject affiliate middlemen adept at poaching and hijacking the merchants own natural converting shoppers and take credit for the high conversion cannibalization. The honest AM instead works on generating new targeted traffic pointed at the profit producing points, better landing pages and helping/rewarding affiliates for building customer facing showcase pages with natural SERP long term benefits.

    If things slow down they work on in-house PPC/SEM, e-mail campaigns to customer base, site redesign input, Analytics, seeking value-add traffic generators and even seasonal slotting fee placement sites. Basically anything that protects the merchant's natural conversion ratio while driving new business to them.
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    Are you interested in hiring an affiliate manager or are you trying to become an affiliate manager?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-days
    Are you interested in hiring an affiliate manager or are you trying to become an affiliate manager?
    The way the question is phrased, it sounds like easylife is wondering how affiliate managers (most likely OPMs) evaluate prospective clients; and I assume that (s)he is a merchant. However -- since often "when you assume you make an "ass" of "u" and "me" -- I do agree that it'd be best for the question to be clarified a bit further.


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