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    July 11th, 2007
    blocking adware - zango from website access

    I've been doing some tests on blocking adware user agents from my affiliate
    site and have noticed that my sales have actually picked up and are back to
    their 'normal' level. I really don't know if blocking them is the cause of this
    or what. Its been about a week or so and my sales have gone back to where
    they once were while my click-through rate hasn't changed at all. I noticed
    a significant change the next day.

    All I did was simply block user agents with the word 'zango' and other known
    adware words using .htacess.

    setenvifnocase User-Agent "ZangoToolbar|Zango|FunWebProducts|Hotbar|ImageShack|PeoplePal|HTTrack" adware
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from env=adware
    Any ideas on the possible down side of doing this?

    I've noticed quite a number of browsers with the 'Zango' toolbar going to
    google and yahoo's cache which leads me to believe they need to be able
    to access my site for some reason.

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    July 11th, 2007
    I moved this post to the correct forum

    Sorry I didn't see it

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