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    Has anyone as affiliates or merchants had experiences with or Thanks for any feedback.

    John Solamito
    Affiliate Program Manager - Affiliate program for Datecam
    C 206-920-5646

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    I've read some grumblings on Websponsors in the
    last year, yet I have always been paid on time.
    Don't promote many of their programs anymore

    I suggest you do a search on Websponsors here.

    Before applying, make sure you have a Privacy
    Statement posted somewhere on your site.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Quinstreet.
    Their best performers are All education related
    -- Online degrees, phonics, etc. Everything else
    converts very poorly.

    They have strict advertising policies on many
    of their big name education clients and they
    change them (the rules) constantly. You can
    go from converting at 15% to 5% fast on a one
    of their clients when they change the lead
    signup procedures (many times without telling
    you they're changing them).

    And, they just changed their payment from
    net 30 days to net 45 days for all affiliates.
    (they had been continuing to pay the older
    affiliates at net 30 days).

    Quinstreet does have higher lead payouts on most
    of their education clients then other networks

    If you are a top performer, they'll assign an
    Affiliate Manager to you -- if not, you'll have
    a hard time getting answers to questions, so I've heard.

    You've nothing to lose signing up with Quinstreet
    (except time if nothing converts) as they do
    pay consistently.


    By your thoughts you are daily, even hourly, building your life.
    You are carving your destiny.
    ~Ruth Barrick Golden

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    quinstreet sucks - quinstreet affiliate review
    don't deal with quinstreet. not a reputable company. i don't think they even want affiliates. waste of time.

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    You opened a 9 year old thread... really..??

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    califmerchant you need to explain your post otherwise it will be deleted as spam.

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