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    Unhappy Jet crash in Thailand's Phuket kills 74
    How sad..

    Phuket, Thailand - A passenger plane filled with foreign tourists crashed Sunday as it tried to land...

    FYI - Phuket is one of the tourist town that was badly hit by the Tsunami.

    Apparently the plane split into two and bursting into flames. That being said, where is the best place to seat in a place to minimize injuries if something like this would to happen. I know the the wing of a plane IS the fuel tank. Everything being equal, is the plane likely to break into two at the wings? Front of the plane or the very end, right?

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    Ya the crash is on the news here. It doesnt look like one part of that plane was very safe. Looks bad.

    But traditionally the worst place in a crash is strangely the most expensive, first class (the front).

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    That's horrible!

    I was told once that the rear of the plane is the safest. I like to sit near the flight attendant jump seats in the rear. That way if the flight gets funky I can watch them. If they're chatting about their kids or the weather I don't worry so much. If they look alarmed then I KNOW something's really wrong.

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    Horrible stuff....


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    Apparently both pilots survived and the black box won't be hard to recover so there should be closure on what went wrong. Some eye witnesses state the plane dropped out of the sky and snapped on impact, aborted landing gone wrong, the weather was apparently pretty bad at the time.

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    Saw it on TV. It's Horrible. I'm not flying again

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