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    Angry Does pay their commissions?
    I made a small purchase linking from the link on my website on 9/14. Still no pending commission on the CJ reports by 9/17! Also, most of my links generate a tracking code in the url, but the link to the page just has a url of without a tracking code.

    Has anyone actually received commissions from If not, I'd like to drop them ASAP!

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    They only report shipped sales and the last batch dates:

    Last Batch Data Transfer Dates:

    So it'll probably show up after it ships.

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    I am not a affiliate but your comment about no tracking code interested me. I went to a site that has a bunch of different affiliate links. I clicked on several of them and some of them land on a page with a tracking code and some of them land on a page with only and no tracking code. Is there something wrong with some of's CJ affiliate links?

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    I've made several purchases using my links, it always shows up after its shipped.


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