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    Question On multiple networks?
    If a merchant is on multiple networks, say 2 different ones, is it possible for a sale to come from 1 customer, but be recorded in both networks (and thus paying 2 commissions for 1 sale?), or does the most recent cookie negate all other cookies regardless of network?


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    I've never had that happen, although I've heard of the opposite happening (ie. the sale falls through the cracks).

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    It is possible but there are solutions that can be implemented to address dual network cookies..

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    Cookie Overlap
    It's certainly possible, and I'm sure it happens quite a bit. Merchants who want to avoid it have to code a solution that will recognize the most recent cookie, and ignore the rest (though some would say the first cookie gets it, but regardless, this would have to be stated somewhere). The actual percentage of overlap varies from vertical to vertical, I would think.

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