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    Hosting recommendation for large email requirement
    One of my web-sites requires to do the following:

    1) poll a few web pages (like stock prices etc.) frequently (1 or 2 pages even upto every minute or so), and look for some triggers. The actual bandwidth used itself should not be terrible, and I can always buy more BW as long as there's no throttling.

    2) When a trigger/event is detected, mail alerts to a large mailing list of subscribers (all will be opt-in , no spam).The alerts will be very small (text), but the list could be large, upto say 2-10 thousand recepients. These alerts will need to get out in a timely fashion, within a couple of minutes or so. This is very important.

    Other than that, the website should be a pretty low-load one most of the time, disk usage will be quite low etc.

    Are there any hosting providers that would be a good fit for this? The main, big issues are the ability to set cron jobs at low intervals, and the ability to send to a large email-list (if my scripts send through smtp server its best, but if it involves setting up a mailing list earlier, and then trigger a mailing to the list, that's fine too. Lots of hosting companies like godaddy, hostgator have a low mail limit (per hour, per day) that make them useless.. Also, if some providers are better for not getting caught in spam filters, that'd be a plus..

    Any recommendations would be very helpful. The cheaper the better, but the requirements can't be compromised too much.. shared/vps/virtual dedicated?

    any impressions about :

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    I would get a dedicated right away. And I would not poll web pages for stock prices. I'd find a good API via Google or someplace like that. It will be easier to deal with than parsing HTML.

    You might also look at getting a dedicated server and something like QuoteTracker. I think if you run QT on a dedicated server and get a real time stock quote account someplace (without the delay) it can handle what you need. Maybe.
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    thanks about the stockprices suggestion. It's primarily not for stock prices, but let's say some "events/changes" on webpages, like .

    But let's focus on the email requirement. Can't I not do without dedicated? It might get a bit expensive.. Are there hosting sites that have "decent" hosting, and good "email servers" that can handle and permit the load I require? I would just connect to the SMTP server by script and send out the mails..

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    You don't need a "fancy" dedicated machine, but for your requirement of it being timely,dedicated is your best solution. If you go shared, who knows who else is going to be tying up the server when you need your mail to go out right away.
    I don't know your budget, but you can get dedicated servers for like $70/mo... I think theplanet has a decent dedicated for $69 right now.. I haven't looked elsewhere.

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    what are some of the "better" options for VPS for this purpose? Most vps will allow you to run your own mailserver, right?

    Any advice on: good vps hosting for this purpose ? westhost ? 1&1?

    also, any advice/resources on not getting blocked by spam blockers etc.? Obviously, my email won't be spam but opt-in. I can let "them" audit the opt-in process if that helps.

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