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    "Internet Retailer" Customer File Hacked
    "The system "was compromised by a very sophisticated hack in what must have been a hacking ring [utilizing] about half a dozen computers around the world operating in a coordinated fashion," said Love."

    I've never heard anyone say that the system that hacked them was unsophisticated. It would be like admitting you got beat up by a 6-year-old girl. Oh well! I hope my CCnumber wasn't among those that got rippppped.

    Oops - forgot to put where the info came from if anyone wants to read the entire article. Apparently they sent out customer letters on the 7th.

    (is it okay to put that link?)

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    Any merchant that stores credit card information is inviting this sort of thing. It's just idiotic that they'd risk extremely sensitive credit card information for the sake of eliminating two form fields and a date select!


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    I am suprised that they did not post it on their site. Searched and I did not find it..

    Always try to use virtual Credit card when doing online purchases.

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