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    lol oh boy this is a real winner.

    For one of my cj merchants I've been selling anywhere from 400 and up to 1500 dollars worth of products per day. In my book that's pretty damn good especially considering the merchants epc is 6 bucks and my personal epc with them is $17.21.

    Okay so I notice a decline in sales over the last couple of weeks and decide it's time to contact them. First I did a very study of my stats and see I've not had any decrease, in fact I see an increase. I email them and ask for some advice and ask politely for some sort of explanation for the slow down.

    I know 400 - 1500 dollars isn't the top of the grand scale when it comes to affiliates but still it's a good amount of sales. ( damn good imo). This affiliate manager was good enough to respond to my email but only with the most generic canned responces you could imagine. He was of no assistance at all. I'm floored that any A.M would basically turn down one of their better producers.

    I especially don't get it when you have people such as Andy, Akiva, Chris,Bryan, Rick and Mark going out of their way doing whatever they can to help you out with their programs even if you don't have much of anything to give them in return.

    PS if I missed anyone that should be listed above I appologize.

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    That sucks. If an affiliate who was selling that much a day asked me a question I would be all over giving then a good response.

    Seems like some Affiliate Managers see communicating with affiliates as a chore that isn't relevant to the success of their program :-(

    Mark Mitford
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    Add mark to the above list and pray they all multiply amongst the ranks of AM's.

    Charlie ...

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    Talk with your feet.

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    An AM with poop for brains~!

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    Send him an email with 2 questions:

    1) Do you get paid a percentage of my sales?
    2) Do you still want to get paid a percentage of my sales?

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    Now that's a great idea!

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    Nice idea deelz. It's sad to see some affiliate managers not caring.

    John Solamito
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