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    September 19th, 2007
    Talking I think I'll plop myself into this section first!
    Just posted this in the Introduction section, but feel a bit safer here, you lot look bloomin scary in other parts of the forum, has me quivering all 6'6" of me, head to foot:


    ***Streuth, where to start on this forum?***

    Blimey!! This place is blinkin' huge. I know I typed in to google 'Largest Affiliate Marketing Forum' but I never expected anything like this.

    Now, I'm completely flummoxed on where to start, how best to make use of this place, indeed I feel rather flabberghasted at the prospect of further inundating my mind with information overload.

    Hopefully one or two of you will not mind 'mentoring' me through this maze of affiliate marketing information.

    Enough of the introductory codswallop, let's get down to business.

    My name is Mark and I own a website in the UK going by my sign in name, so you know what prefix to use to find it. Being a Sag fire horse, born in 66, I have a tendency to put my foot in it, better forewarned to be forearmed. I hope by writing that, I'm not in trouble straight away, it seems this place has some rather strict posting guidelines - oooooh hec!!

    This website of mine is pretty big, 1600 or so pages so far, eventually growing upto in the region of 8000 pages or so, an information portal and resource centre into every placename in England. I don't want to say anymore at this stage, until I get a hang of the what fors of this forum and how it all works.

    I only found out about the term Affiliate Marketing in the past month or so, being a bit of an old British dinosaur, I'm still playing major catch up on all this new fangled language to do with the internet and computers. So please, if you do explain something to me, remember the KISS principle, to Keep it Stupidly Simple for me to understand, no technical jargon, one of my major pet hates in life, otherwise I can get rather awfully cantankerous and no-one wants to see that I grin - I assure you.

    So, I have this site, starting to do better in the search engine rankings with ruddy oodles of space upon it, still waiting to be further developed.

    How can Affiliate Marketing help my business and where should I first start looking to, for the best advice, on the road ahead, to start making some money and/or revenue from it?

    How do I know what represents a good deal and how do I spot a rotten apple from a mile off?

    How much does an Affiliate Marketing program cost to join?

    How are the affiliates paid?

    Do I need to accept offers from companies only in the UK, since that is where my website is based?

    Lots more questions to come I'm sure, so please, do bear with me.

    Hopefully I am quite a quick learner, at least I used to be, but now I'm getting on in years and slap bang in the middle of my mid life crisis, who knows anymore at this grand old age of 40? Hopefully though, if the language is kept simple enough and individuals do not mind answering some dumber than dumb questions, we'll get along just fine.

    Changing the subject slightly, I was hoping to share with you an advertising phenomenom, hopefully I've spelt that right, that is really catching on at present in the UK and now has launched in the US, hmmmmmmm I guess, correct me if I'm wrong, but can I not mention the name of the company here, as I feel it could prove of particular benefit to many users in this community? I take it for certain, I cannot post up the link to the website which would include my Paypal referral code? If that is the case, that be a right bloomin' bother.

    So anyway, which mug here is prepared to show me the light on the crooked road ahead, rutted and filled with pitfalls and to shine a light on the road, upwards, forwards and ahead.

    Best wishes to all of you!!

    Greetings from Merry Old England!!

    England-Villages (Mark)
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