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    Lightbulb Account Settings page
    Recently I have tried to add more websites to my account and was a little confused with this field:

    'Add [1 ] additional websites [x]'

    Probably a good idea to change "x" to "+"?

    And where I can see a list of already added websites?


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    1) Probably a good idea to change "x" to "+"?
    Great suggestion - have forwarded on to Direct Track for thought

    2) To find a list of approved websites that you've added... go to:
    Account Info > Edit Account
    You will see something like this:

    For Partner CD___

    Website 1 [http://www. ] [Approved]
    Website 2 [http://www. ] [Approved]
    Website 3 [http://www. ] [Approved]

    Add [1] additional websites. [x]

    If you don't see this or if this doesn't address the right problem, please send an email to & I will help figure this out.


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