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    Good News For Everett
    "And doctors said Thursday they believe he will be walking within weeks perhaps sooner."

    Good to hear. Also what I think that's great that came out of this is the method they used which I've heard about before:

    "When asked about Everett's chances for full recovery, Green replied that, while "not 100 percent predictable," it was "feasible that he could lead a normal life," and credited the hypothermic treatment of intravenous ice-cold saline, administered within minutes of Everett's injury, as having been a significant factor in minimizing the damage. Green referred to this method as an "ice-pack for his spinal cord." [2]"

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    That is GREAT news! I hope he's able to fully recover.
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    Interestingly (and this might be mentioned in the article too, which I didn't read ), the Bills owner has been a large contributor to the Miami school that is pioneering that technology.

    The Bills are also selling charity t-shirts on their site, if anyone is interested.
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    What a relief. It is amazing that he went from being pretty much dead, to being able to walk again soon. It is a miracle. I know that this new treatment made this possible, but when a person is that close to either dying or not being able to walk again to being able to walk in a few weeks, is truly spectacular.
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    Go Bills, Everett walking again is about the only good news we got this season. Go Milliard Fillmore Gates great hospital and great staff

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