Does anyone have any experience with the Homestead affiliate program? I used to promote their sitebuilder products through Google Referrals and received 3-4 conversions a week. I didn't like the fact that they kept changing the payout amounts. At first it was 100 then they went down to 34. I kept promoting the program because it did convert for my site. There were 10 conversions in August.

I later found out they had their own referral program which paid more through Linkshare and I switched. I've been aggressively promoting their site on my website. According to the reporting 87 customers (87 net orders) have signed up for their free trial using my affiliate id. I'm concerned because the reporting only shows one sale.

Based on the conversions I had using Google there should be around 5 conversions. Yeah, I know it could be less but I know there should be more than one conversion for two weeks with all those trial sign ups. I'm using the same ad banner and the same ad location on my website plus other high traffic areas of my site.

I've emailed Linkshare twice and don't receive any response. I also emailed the affiliate manager at Homestead who does not respond. I wanted to know if Homestead reports the commissions at the end of the month and it's just not displayed in the Linkshare reports yet.

I get the feeling that I am wasting my ad space by promoting Homestead.