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    Choosing Keywords
    When picking keywords, do any of you ever pick lesser used keywords over the more popular ones?

    To use an extreme example, I imagine one might be able to get more hits by keywording "intercourse" rather than "sex" because, even though "intercourse" gets a small fraction in terms of search numbers, one might more realistically get a top ranking for that word.

    Also, does anyone know of a site that gives a breakdown of the thousand (or ten-thousand) most popular keywords?

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    I know of a firm, a few years back, who was #1 on AOL for "sex" for 3 months.

    It DID NOT convert!

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    Ya the popular words are often thought of, highly bid on, and often are trash traffic.

    Google loves it becuase people spend thousands for nothing, give up, then the next person comes in and does the same thing.

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    You can do just as well with a large number of lesser used keywords as you can with a small number of competitive keywords. It's called Long Tail Marketing.

    Here is some info: Long Tail Marketing Approach

    The idea is to focus on a lot of lesser used keywords, especially when the primary keywords are so competitive that it is next to impossible to rank well, or they cost way to much when using PPC.
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