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    Talking So what are you doing for Halloween?
    I know many of you have halloween websites and you are looking for sales to pick up. Don't have a halloween site (maybe next year) but this is what I am looking forward to

    Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

    Have seen this on Travel channel since I was in college and either I could not afford it back then or timing was not right. I have some friends flying in from TX and Louisiana for this event so i guess I am going. This is my highlight for Oct.

    For those who have a site, hope you do well..

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    Argh, a clown! I hate clowns. That link should carry a warning

    I do have a halloween site - but there are no clowns on it :P

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    Blair Witch for Halloween...
    I don't have a Halloween site (with or without clowns) yet. But this week i'm going to try putting one together on an existing site about the ol' Blair Witch Project town in Maryland. Site gets some decent traffic, but don't know if it will convert into Halloween - WITCHES - or not.
    The actual night of Halloween we'll be on a cruise trip, at sea, on our way home from Bermuda. Yes, we are supposed to take costumes...guess I'll be a pirate. Arrrrrrgh.
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    We don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters at our house but I do enjoy seing the kids in their costumes.

    Last year a little boy reminded me of a Halloween rhyme I'd forgotten.

    Trick or treat,
    Smell my feet,
    Give me something,
    Good to eat!

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