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    New Blog about Gambling Affiliates
    Hey Everyone,

    I looked and looked on ABW and couldnt find a good place to discuss affiliate marketing for online poker rooms and casinos. Have we all been left out of the mix lol.

    Anyway, if they ever open a Forum I'd be glad to moderate it and add my insights into the crazy business. Until then I do post a daily blog for all of us gambling people trying to make a buck at (removed url).

    Add us a Forum here!
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    You looked and looked and couldn't find a forum on gambling and it never occurred to you there might be a reason for that?

    Oh my.

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    Removed your link. There is a reason there isn't a forum for that type of affiliate marketing. You might want to look into expanding your market OUT of gambling.
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    First you email me petitioning a forum for gambling when obviously we don't endorse illegal activities and then you feel a need to gratuitously drop a link to spam your blog?? GTFR!

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