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    Talking Do u know ??!
    I have 388$ in My Cj account,
    Out of It 28$ is Locked
    255$ is Extended and 105$ is PENDING

    I do not know what is extended and pending meaning

    My friend also says we have to send them a FAX !

    Please help me with this as I am new here

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    $28 is due to be paid to you at next payday.

    Extended is held onto to allow for return/refund timeframes. Whatever is left of this after any sales reversals will be added to your balance due at next month's locking date (for most merchants; some may have 60-day extension periods).

    Pending is fresh sales that have not yet been locked or extended.
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    thanx for the quick reply..

    but can u guide me about FAX

    do i have to FAX them my details

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    You will have to send them Tax form, by mail or by fax. If you're an International Affiliate send this form W8ben

    CJ will not send you any payment unless you have sent them correctly filled form.

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