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    Finding Your Niche Markets
    I am very new to affiliate marketing, so this is really basic. However, I thought it might be helpful to those of us trying to identify our best niche markets.

    Go to your favorites folder and check out all the websites you've saved for personal use. I have several categories of folders which I continually add to when I come across a website I want to refer to later. This will identify your passions and also possible affiliate partners.

    I realize this is pretty elementary - but it has helped me.


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    Good Idea Bud11, it's a unique and simple approach to a common question.
    Someday starts today
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    Good one, Jacque. Definitely a way to start at it.


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    Fantastic suggestion!

    I've always found that most of the best ideas for web sites come from areas that we're passionate about and problems that we can't seem to solve from existing web sites.

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