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    Why do you love internet marketing?
    I love internet marketing because

    1) The potential to earn a significant income online. by reaching millions of people at one time, however unfortunately it hasn't happen yet the most i've ever made was $321.00 with PPC (Google). in about two weeks

    2)Also to network with others and learn how to grow my primary business.

    3) Becasue i believe this is the wave of the future and if you learn all you can now you will be on the cuttingedge before every body else catches on.
    4) You can work from anywhere in the world.

    I consider my self a life long learner every time I learn something new i try to implement it as some as possible, if i can some times i can't because i don't understand so i spend countless hours reading and trying to understand. I will never quite until i've achieve my promise (Goals) i made to my Fiance and that is I will earn a 5 five income per month from the internet and I will become a millionare by the time i'm forty or before I'm now 31. I will never give up on my promise or dreams no matter how long it takes me. As you can see i'm very passionate about this. I wish you all success. Because you are here I know your promise or dream is similar. keep on going after it i believe if you take successful action everyday you will accomplish your promise (Goals).

    Success to All

    P.S. Love you guys

    P.S.S If someone is out there that can help me reach my promise faster send me a PM

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    Go Daddy
    I'm antisocial.

    Enough said.

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    I used to love affiliate marketing. Now, to me, it's just another job.

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    Oh you said love. Never mind.

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    Bunch a' Scrooges...

    I love being able to write something/do something and get paid for it, incrementally as it may be, within minutes.

    And, of course, all the other stuff posted over the years...
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    Internet gives people what they have longed for from the times of barbaric conquests -- freedom (and affiliate marketing is one of e-Marketing channels that lets those participating in it breathe in most of this air of freedom).

    Quote Originally Posted by ojack843
    P.S.S If someone is out there that can help me reach my promise faster send me a PM
    You can't accept PMs, ojack843. But do not despair. There is no quick get-me-rich-fast fix anyway. Read around this forum, and you'll learn a lot.


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    I love the ocean and beach more.

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    I think that most affiliates like the fact that they are in control of their own success (or lack of!), the freedom of flexible working conditions and the ability to earn REAL money without answering to a boss.

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    Hi ojack843,

    Good to know that you are trying to make quick money holding the fingers of Internet marketing.I guess I can suggest you with something really worth once I am aware of your business more specifically.Actually I have multiple sites for which I have had used different online marketing tools, each one having different strategic implication.I have a rich experience in this field of 10 years, and can claim surely that online marketing is really capable of increasing the revenue of the site manifold, as has been the case with me.

    Thus, you may PM me, if you need any help from me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nakedgamer
    I love the ocean and beach more.
    Cool, and you can tell from my handle that I am in full agreement.

    So why do I like Affiliate Marketing? I work hard and I play hard - and I like to do both on my own terms.
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    What's better than NOT having to get up and commute to work every morning?! All I have now is a rigorous ten foot walk to my computer. How cool is that?

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    I love being able to stay home with my kids. Aslo, the cost to enter affiliate marketing is low and the business never gets stale.

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    I really enjoy the bonus money that shows up in my mailbox a few times a month. I have been doing affiliate marketing on the side for a few years now and have recently been doing more and plan to make it into something that I can do from home.

    The hardest part for me in any job has always been feeling security and with Affiliate Marketing I feel that there is a sense of security as you can control more of your own successes that in a job where you rely heavily on others to do their part.

    I think the only reason I havent taken the plunge to do this full time is due to my very social behavior. I like going to work every day and interacting with others. I would get really bored if I was home working all the time.

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    I worked in the same field for years and after about the age of 30 I had a pretty good idea of my potential growth...and it was a depressing reality. With affiliate marketing, you can have goals again and dreams. That in itself is what motivates me most of the time.

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    When I first read the question, I thought, "working for myself; the income; the hours; working at home" and other factors. But the real reason I love it: because of the crooks.

    Remember, I was drawn into the internet advertising "space" after I saw a very dubious offer from a company that (predictably) later defaulted on its payment promises. I actually created a web site to share information about ad networks, brokers, and affiliate programs (I sold it in 1999).

    But the common thread that "inspires" me each day is the huge volume of outright fraud and the much greater volume of incompetence.

    For my own work, I maintain a spreadsheet listing several thousand merchants who have affiliate programs. About 70% are flagged as "excluded" from my project queue, because they appear to be either crooked, unethical, or inept; another 20% are excluded for specific issues like "leakage" or "prominent toll-free numbers" and such. The remaining 10% is my project queue for the next YEAR or longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markwelch
    When I first read the question, I thought, "working for myself; the income; the hours; working at home" and other factors. But the real reason I love it: because of the crooks.
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    I love it for a lot of the reason stated above, I get to stay at home with my kids, I have to walk all of 15 stairs to get to my office, after driving for 5 years an hour and half each way to work, the hours are good, and oh yea sometimes I get paid for sitting on my butt and staring at my computer.

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    I don't have to wear pants to work, and there's no nosy coworkers to make snarky comments about it.

    (Main reason is the fact that I get to be home 24 hours a day with my kids.)

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    About the most thrilling thing to me is empowering people that have what it takes to make $$ in Affiliate marketing. For example, I have a friend who is a pro trail ultra marathon runner. This guys RUNS 100 mile races, over mountains, in the dark and rain. He's 45 years old...he's not human .

    At any rate, he has a killer blog that gets a ton of traffic from trail running enthusiasts from all over the world. Like clock work, every post he makes, he gets 15-30 comments. It's amazing.

    I helped him install our (AvantLink's) web service datafeed client so now he has his own 'Trail Run Gear' shop on his site/blog that's utilizing the Trail Run category only from (his choice of merchant). The client outputs spiderable, static HTML that's dynamic and updated every 24 hours. It's a maintenance free solution for him.

    He just does what he's always done best, and that's write very compelling articles to his audience. When he mentions a product, he links to it on his web service feed. Now he's making a sale a day and growing (it's only been two months since the catalog went in). To me, this is the ultimate...helping a good friend make money from something he takes great pride in!


    Oh, and I also really dig it when I optimize content around a KW and see my efforts pay off in SERPs. When I see a target KW rank page one in Google for the term I was shooting for, I get giddy like a twelve year old skipping school


    Sorry to ramble but just wanted to share a couple of things I love about this biz. Great thread.


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