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    new user questions
    Hi, I'm a new user and I just put some products into a new blog using popshops. The blog itself has had little or no traffic, which isn't surprising since its new, but on the dashboard within Popshops it is showing quite a few views and clicks. How can this be? who is clicking on the products and where are they accessing them?

    Also, I noticed that when I try to make a shop using certain merchants, the product pictures come out looking all pixelated, (not sure that's a word) they are not clear enough to use, no matter what size they are.

    Thanks for any help


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    I'm very new to affiliate marketing, but I'm guessing they are crawling clicks from search engine spiders. Also, about your pictures, were they small to begin with?

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    What format are you using to integrate the products into your blog, MJG?
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    These links were generated with html, but it doesn't matter what format is used, the pictures are still bad. In fact, I don't even have to put the links on my blog to see that they are bad, when I preview them while still in PopShops I can see the difference. I can put pictures into a shop from one merchant and they are fine in the preview and then another merchants pictures are messed up, both in the same shop.

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    Hi MJG63,

    Let me address the pictures first since it is one I can tackle. PopShops is solely dependant on the picture quality merchants provide. Often, in datafeeds, the resolution of the pictures provided is poor. That is why in the customize tab you can adjust the size of the picture.

    To do this click on the Customize Tab / Click on Styles / Click on Edit / Adjust the Picture Slider in the middle to your preference / Click on Save

    You can also set your own defaults on picture size or product display in the same area.

    As for the impression to click data issue. Please send an email to with the id of the shops in question and I will have our engineering team take a look.
    Angel Djambazov
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