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    Question I think mobile adsense is the safest media!
    Hi folks,

    In order to use AdSense for mobile, I need a mobile-compliant webpage.To create one I would be required a mobile markup language such as XHTML, WML, or CHTML.

    Okay, all these things can be set right to get one such website. The website can be widely promoted. But the ads can not be pasted on the website and visitors will click on them. Rather the ads are to be sent on the mobile numbers of my new such visitors.

    I want to know that in order to promote Adsense Mobile Ads; how to get more and more mobile holders subscribe to my website and leave the mobile numbers.

    Can anyone- a good friend of mine- help me out to clear my doubts? I have sought help from members of various forums:

    Thanx & Regards

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    Amy that's going to be a tough one.

    I'm assuming that you will provide full disclosure to users and let them know that once they leave their number that they will be receiving ads to their mobile phone. I'm sure there are some that won't mind that, however I for one am not looking forward to receiving what I would consider spam on my mobile phone especially if I have to pay for those messages.

    In order for you to get visitors to give their mobile numbers you are going to have to give them a pretty compelling reason to do so. Perhaps some type of giveaway or freebie may get some users to give their number. I would imagine that you would also have some mechanism in place for them to opt out if they later change their minds.

    If what I've heard about the iPhone are correct and it's browsing characteristics become the norm then this may become a non-issue as mobile users will be able to view your page just like any other user.

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    just use text based tempates with your CMS and auto direct visitors from mobile browsers to it.

    its what i do

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