Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the addition of WeGotYourPack.com to AvantLink! WeGotYourPack.com is another niche site from Massey's Outfitters that specifically targets the backpacking, trekking and travel audience. For Spring 2008, WeGotYourPack.com will expand their product line to include more packs, more luggage and more accessories, in addition to everything that goes in the pack or bag!

WeGotYourPack.com rounds out the four Massey's programs that are now live in AvantLink.

What do you think about a 0% reversal rate on returns? I've mentioned this three times already in regards to the Massey's programs, but it's worth repeating: WeGotYourPack.com (and the other Massey's sites in AvantLink) will not reverse your sales on returns. The other term to note for all programs is their 365-day cookie duration. Folks, these guys get it! Send them your traffic and earn money. It's that simple.

Highlights of promoting the WeGotYourPack.com program include:
  • Sale reversals on fraud orders only
  • 365 day cookie duration
  • Commission payout of 8%, with incentives
  • Average order value of $100
  • Store wide discount/coupon codes available
  • Custom artwork available on request

If you're already an AvantLink Affiliate, you can sign-up for this program by following these steps:
  • Login to your Affiliate account at AvantLink.com
  • Select 'Merchants' from the main menu
  • Locate 'WeGotYourPack.com' in the merchant list
  • Click to their detail page and 'Apply to this Program'

If you're interested in applying to the AvantLink network and this program, please use the following URL: https://www.avantlink.com/affiliate_app.php

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the WeGotYourPack.com AM Brent Carey, bcarey/at/coloradowebsolutions.com.

Blog Post: WeGotYourPack.com is now live in AvantLink


Gary & AvantLink