Coupons, LensCatalogue Contest, and More!

Hi Everyone,

Great follow-up month to an unbelievable August. September didn't quite catch last month but will blow away September 2006 by nearly 40%. We have several great coupons this month, a small bonus, and a huge bonus month on the Lens Catalogue side of things. Good luck in October everyone!

AC Lens October Bonus

We're offering a $10 bonus to all AC Lens affiliates in October who send over their first sale. After you receive your very first sale with us, send an email to me at bdrumm at and I'll add the $10 to your account. Get your links up now for an easy chance at $10!

Our new sales page is converting at a higher rate than the rest of our site with a higher average order as well.

Add this link now to reap the benefits:
Save up to $300 a year when you order an annual supply of contact lenses from Acuvue, Focus, and more. Free shipping with every order. Yearly, Monthly, and Semi-Monthly Coupons

Our end of year sale went over well with increased order sizes and commissions all around. With the end of that special, we're coming back with some better coupon codes for affiliates. Continue to link over to our year supply page to see higher average orders:

Here are all active, authorized coupons this month:

Yearly -
Coupon Code: ACLS5
Expiration: 12/31/07
Description: Order contact lenses online and save $5 off any order over $50 at Enter coupon code ACLS5 at checkout. Offer expires 12/31/2007.

Monthly -
Coupon Code: ALERT
Expiration: 10/31/07
Description: Save 5% off any order that includes a Lens Alert contact lens case. Enter coupon code ALERT at checkout. Offer expires 10/31/07.

Semi-Monthly -
Coupon Code: WEEKLY
Expiration: 10/15/07
Description: Save $9 off any order of weekly contact lenses over $89. Offer includes free shipping. Enter coupon code WEEKLY at checkout. Offer expires 10/15/07. 2007 Rebate and Gift Card Offers

Even if you don't run our coupon offers, rebate links are a great way to offer your viewers a discount while you receive full commission from the order!! Remember, coupon codes are not required for any of these offers.

Here's a list of active rebates:

Rebate Offer -
Manufacturer: Ciba Vision
Expiration: 2/28/08
Description: $30 to $100 manufacturer rebate on select Ciba Vision manufactured contact lenses. Order 2 to 8 boxes of O2 Optix, Focus brand contacts, among others to receive the rebate. See site for details. Offer expires 12/31/07.

Rebate Offer -
Brand: Acuvue
Expiration: 12/31/07
Description: $30 manufacturer rebate on a year's supply of Acuvue brand contacts. See site for rebate details. Offer expires 12/31/07.

Gift Card Offer -
Brand: Bausch & Lomb
Expiration: 12/31/07
Description: Purchase a year's supply of any Purevision or Soflens Brand Contact Lenses and receive a free $30 gift card to Offer expires 12/31/07.

Freebie offers still in effect include Free Carrying Cases and Free contact lens cases available the entire month. See below for more details!!

5 Bonus and Commission Raise to 10% on

For those of you marketing, we have a great bonus plan this month which is easy to reach and should mean big bucks for all involved.

The first bonus is a 5 bonus to new affiliates who recieve their first shipped order in October on Once you receive your first commissionable order, simply email me at bdrumm at and I'll drop the cash in your account.

Also, we're offering a permanent increase in commissions to 10% per sale on The permanent commission boost to 10% on all new orders is eligible to any affiliate who reaches 5 orders in October! At about a 5% conversion rate, you could easily reach 5 orders by sending just 100 qualified visitors to Lens Catalogue this month.

If you still think it will be tough to reach 5 orders, we'll extend the deadline to include any orders from 9/26 to the end of October. That's roughly one order a week to receive 5 along with 10% commissions for life! Discount Codes

As Lens Catalogue continues to grow, we hope to offer a better selection of vouchers. We're starting with a big 10% off discount code this month which should help everyone get their 5 bonus and 10% commission raise. These codes are only available on and may not be combined with any sales, specials, or other offers at Lens Catalogue.

Yearly -
Discount Code: LC5
Expiration: 12/31/07
Description: Order contact lenses online at Lens Catalogue and receive 5 off your 60 order including FREE delivery. Enter voucher code LC5 in the instructions field of our order form at checkout. Offer expires 12/31/07 and may not be combined with other vouchers, discounts, and offers at Lens Catalogue.

Monthly -
Coupon Code: LCVC-10
Expiration: 10/31/07
Description: Save 10% off any order of contact lenses over 60 at Enter voucher code LCVC-10 in the instructions field of our order form at checkout. Offer expires 10/31/07 and may not be combined with other vouchers, discounts, and offers at Lens Catalogue.


Let me know if you have questions.