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    Ever Just Been Freaked Out?
    I was sitting here a little while ago thinking of starting a website design service, and what domain/name I could use if I decided to do that. One of my first thoughts was, since I'm from Mobile, but then thought nah, that's more than likely taken. [although in a different context]

    About 10 minutes later I checked all of my email accounts in OE, and 1 email (spam) came through -- from postmaster @ I hadn't had any emails in a couple of hours.


    The thing that ever freaked me out the most, I would have to say, was a few years ago when Mardi Gras season was rolling around, I added the 'happy/sad' faces to the [old] header of one of my sites. The next day, after I woke up, I walked out on my patio to smoke a cigarette, and laying on the patio was a roughly 1 foot x 2 foot 'wall hanging' of the same thing.

    To this day I still have no idea where it came from.

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    It's the aliens I talked about in another thread, they're watching you. They like to **** with us sometimes. Silly pranksters.

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    You don't have any idea on the lottery numbers do you.

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    Do you like horses? Mind if I call you next May - a couple days before the Preakness returns to Baltimore?
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    I've had stuff like this happen, but not that extreme. It all relates to the mind and signals you get. It's the same type of thing when you think of someone you haven't heard from in a long time, for no reason, then the next thing you know you are getting a phone call from them, or email, or see them around. I've actually had this happen, and within minutes the phone would ring with that person on the other line. Or you get the feeling your phone is about to ring....and it does.

    Same type of thing when your sitting next to your friend/partner/family member, and you both have the exact same idea or thought because your both reading each other's signals somehow.

    Some people are tuned into this type of thing, and others aren't. You seem more in tune with this type of stuff, so your getting ideas/feelings from different people/things and then you see it happen or it relates somehow.

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    The Force is strong with this one.

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    I've had similar things happen...

    Seeing something on TV that I was thinking about the day before, people call me after I'd been thinking of them, I even once crashed my car after having thought about it...

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    Sorry MBB that was just a glitch in the program...

    Trust how long will it take them to fix the code?

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    Very bizarre happenings Shawn, although I think these synergistic events are telling you to stay with the idea, it's valid and worthy! Coincidences happen for a reason. :-)

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    Ummm.... wow..... That would freak me out. I can remember a few times where I have said something at the same time as someone else and that weirded me out. Finding a mask on my porch of something I drew the night before?..... They are watching you.....

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