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    I'm new to this business, and putting forth a much determined effort to learn and do things right. I have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on Commission Junction, selecting Advertisers and trying to place individual product links on various pages throughout my website. Each time I feel as though I'm making a step forward, I run into difficulty with the Advertiser's product links - No images. Then, changing the layout and inserting links with no images - text only, then gives me a message that the advertiser has expired or has been temporarily suspended. But yet, I just joined the program the day before. I have tried to use CJU to learn what I am doing wrong. No help other than to find out I need to pay $200 to gain access to advertiser's catalogs. I've sent messages to CJ asking questions, and I've sent messages to the Advertiser's, with no response whatsoever from either. I'm to the point that I think my best option is to focus on another affiliate program site such as LinkShare. Can anyone please answer a couple of questions for me? If I pay $200 to gain access to advertiser's catalogs on CJ, will the images be there? If CU doesn't communicate with you - do they pay the commissions like they are suppose too?

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    All I say is that I always get my direct deposit on time.

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    Go to Get Links > Search Products to get lots of picture product links *if* your company offers product links. Not every company will.
    You don't need to pay $200 to access specific picture product links.

    CJ is usually consistent with the checks.
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    Send an email to the advertiser through their website asking if you can use their pictures on your website to promote them. Most merchants will say yes. At this point, you can go to their website, copy the image, paste it into your favorite graphics program, save it as whatever you like, and upload it to your site.

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